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It is very popular to sell goods online through ONLINE STORE nowadays. Ecommerce websites are facing tough competition. So when you start your business online , you may have many ideas of how to
create your own website to draw the customer's attention. Our technicians team can help you realize
your ideas & offer you best solutions to create your own ecommerce site through our Ishop4.

logo ishop4 features site samples   features
http://www.daniel-worldwide.com/ Over 20000 drop ship products including iphone, android app Currency Converter Google tranlater
http://www.almame.com/ Flash effect + full screen homepage Set up your own independent Brand professional hair extension store including iphone, android app
& http://www.dahlstore.com/
Company website + Online store big banner + Video 360 degree turning product (online store)

Begin selling online successfully now!

Our well designed ecommerce site will provide users with much much more pleasant experience and it
is very fast to open,search. and buy.

Our Ishop4 series ecommerce websites add benefits to consumers when shopping online and
these benefits are clearly visible

Please click here http://isoftvalley.net/store/storeproduct.aspx?sid=1039 to get a free trial of
ishop4 series ecommerce websites. Fill in your store name and go to iseller to check your free trail
website address. You can upload your product on the trial website.
Easy setup
Use the wizard files upload to your server and create a new website for the success of your business.
Store management
Quickly and easily present your products online and Create Unlimited product categories Provide your customers with various secure payment and shipping options.
Order management
Real-time to get your customer information ,Set up sending email and receiving email accounts ( Customers can send you email directly by Contact us page) and Automatic send newsletter to customers,customers can Track orders.
Brand management
Create your own brand online store.Management all the brands logo, products and information on the control panel.
Member management
Management all the member on your ishop4
Stock management
Real-time to management your product stocks.Quickly and easily to Import and export your products by excel .
Multi-Currency and multi-language support
On the website font. User can select any language and currency to view, then buy products.
Mobile store
Your visitors will find your shop is represented perfectly on any device no matter on smart phone, tablet or pc. They can Order products anywhere conveniently.
A continously update future
upgrade new functions termly to meet internet developing and changes. Ensure every Ishop4 owners can share the newest functions.
if need add other new functions, can submit on servicepay.cn
Product range
Even the most extensive range of products can easily be presented and managed.
Product search
Easily to find any products you need. Our ishop4 ecommerce website have pleasant experience
Search engine optimization
The seo dashboard helps you to optimize your website for search engines, improving your positioning in the search results.
Share on multiple Social networking platform ( fb, twitter,blogger etc)
   each month, we can offer some free products info to you. You can upload onto your own ishop4 for free.
  Others version
  Original price:

PC Version + Android Version + iPad Version + iPhone Version = $12140
  Discount price:

 PC Version + Android Version + iPad ver sion + iPhone Version = $9699 (you save $2441)
1-to-1 offer expert 24H/7D customer support. We have the answers to your questions.
If you have questions about the operation of your ishop4. our experts are here to help you 24H/7D
        Q:I'm no computer expert, can 1-to-1 help me set-up my ishop4 ecommerce website?
A: Starting a new online business may be a little intimidating for people without programming
        Q:Ask: what's your example of the ISHOP4?
        Q: Does your Ishop support the smart phone?
A:Sure, www.euroaka.com/version.aspx, there are 4 pieces of version of the site: PC+inet+Iphone+Andriod, which would cover as many as your potential customers .
        Q:Can I have a look at the C-panel of ISHOP4?

A:Sure, the demo of control panel:
username: admin,
password: admin.
        Q: How long do you need to finish the Website?
A: It will take around 10 working days to finish the website, include guide you to upload
the products and other items, integrate your payments ways to your site, and upload your
website to your server...
        Q:How much is the Ishop4?
        Q:What is the term limit on that price? Monthly? Semi-Annual? Annual?
A:After you arrange the US3200, you will be the exclusive owner of the website permanently, just pay US 3200 one time!
        Q:After the US 3200, what will I get?
A:Now after you paid US $3200, you would get them as below:
1) You will be the exclusive owner of the ecommerce permanently.
2) And you will be exclusive website administrator: Where you can update your new banner,
AD images, new products, set the flash sales...
3) Integrate all the payment ways to the site
4) Put the site online with your server and domain name
5) Web updates: our ecommerce software technical team is developing other functionalities
of the website, which would be for free updated to your website in time.
    Connect with us
    WhatsApp: +8618108060911
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Customer service time:Beijing time zone 8:30 Am - 6:00 Pm Robert service time:Beijing time zone 0:00 - 24:00

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